Scale your business to $40,000/month in 2023!

despite rising ad costs, constant algorithm changes and depleting attention span

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Your $40,000 month plan is just one click away!

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Your $40,000 month plan is just one click away!

If your goal is to hit multiple 6 figures this year…you cannot afford to miss watching this training! 

  • How we sold 13 spots of our high-end $3000 offer in 14 days! And how you can get similar results regardless of whether you currently have 500 or 50,000 followers!

  • My 2023 growth strategy on how I plan to scale my business beyond $480,000 this year! by focusing on building a brand that is run by a lean + mean team and is 100% authentic, reliable, and impactful!

  • I’ll share my screen and pass 3 best-performing funnels through the “10,000 visitors test” to show you the exact strategy, logic, math behind so you can implement the best funnel for yourself today.

  • Sticking to ONLY organic marketing is painfully slow and focusing ONLY on ads is unprofitable in today's market! Let's discuss the best solution for your business inside the training.

In this training I show you...

  • Proven funnels I recommend to make $40,000 months (with the exact math, data and examples)
  • Organic vs Ads dilemma How creating a hybrid strategy with content machine + profitable ads will get you leads on auto-pilot and become your lifeboat in the current market.
  • My 2023 business plan that you can plug-n-play for your business (with the exact product suite, pricing, math, team)

Learn from someone who has done 7 figures in sales....