How to build, sell and scale your first (or next) high-ticket course in 5 steps… 

...a step-by-step training from someone who has sold $1.5M worth of them! 

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Yes, I want to be a bestseller coach

If your goal is to hit multiple 6 figures this year…you cannot afford to miss watching this training! 

  • How to Proof of Concept (POC) your coaching offers. And how we have used this method 4x times to launch successful products from day 1. 

  • Ingredients of a successful high-ticket offer with examples across the wealth, health and relationship niches

  • 3 lead-generation techniques that are working *right now* in 2023 with examples that you can legally steal today.

  • 8-step sales script that converts the right qualified leads from a "maybe" to a "hell yes"!

  • How to convert client feedback into client wins and truly creating a product that's not just a best-seller but truly gets results for your clients

We're confident you'll walk away with:

  • Your Quantum Offer, Pricing, and Marketing strategy for your high-ticket product
  • How to Sell before building any product so you have product-market fit before building something no one wants
  • The Sales process that has proven to get $1.5M in sales for us and $11M+ in sales for our clients

Learn from someone who has done 7 figures in sales....

"Roota's program is an absolute no-brainer for anyone looking to run ads for themselves or for others. In our case, it helped jumpstart Facebook ads management offering and resulted in us closing our first deal at $24000 per year for Facebook ad management and consulting."


“Working with Roota is an absolute no-brainer! I had $100,000 USD in revenue this month. This was all because of Roota, her strategies, her team and the ads she implemented. She also strategically grew my Instagram followers and helped me build an audience that truly aligns with my brand’s goal! ”


"Roota has helped me achieve a lot. The numbers speak for itself. Over $15,000 USD in course sales, which was my first course ever. Over 600 new people added to my email list and over 4000 targeted and engaged Instagram followers. If you are thinking about working with her, Dive in, LITERALLY! She is amazing."


Roota Mittal

Roota Mittal has helped 3000+ business owners across 14 countries generate more than $11M in sales (and counting)

She has gotten featured in Forbes International and is India’s first ever woman owned business to win the Clickfunnels 2 Comma Club award for building a million-dollar brand from scratch!

She went from working as a software engineer at a startup to being a high-end freelancer while traveling the world to running my own 7-figure business with a lean but mighty team - all in her 20s!

Her teachings and work inspire more than 300,000+ people to own their freedom and embrace their entrepreneurial spirit!

And now she is inviting you to join her at her table where we help birth and scale the next 6-figure and 7-figure brands of the upcoming decade. Are you next?

About Roota Mittal

"The coaching industry—expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.6%—will be worth an estimated $27.5 billion by 2026." - Forbes

Watch this training

It’s time to step into confidence and ease as you share your coaching offers with the world. Start by watching my training

"I’ve made $34000 in revenue in the last 8 months, working with high-ticket coaches helping them do profitable launches , after joining Vortex. 

Sakshi Misra,
High-Ticket Launch Consultant

“After joining Vortex Mastermind, I made $20000 in just 4 months, and sold 5 spots for my high-ticket mastermind with Roota's guidance.

Deepina Singh
Marketing Coach

"I launched my own 1:many offer implementing Roota's strategies and was able to sell 100+ spots of my program, which led to $30,000+ in revenue."

Tejal Chopra
Instagram Coach

Yes, I want to be a bestseller coach